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  • Wrath of Cthulhu |  Disturbingly Detailed Pinball for the Insane Collector

    Inspired by the HG Wells classic, The Time machine, VIKI offers a new world way to go back and play your favorite arcade games.

    Wrath of Cthulhu is our first pinball machine from The Rebel Unit.  We are bringing high art to the pinball world.  Everything will be carved, metal inlay, forged metal, milled parts.  Yes, the back of the machine will be like this also.  This will be a centerpiece for the discerning collector.


    Update Sept 2015: Our game is still coming along.  All the principal actors have day jobs which take priority, but I can say this,we have the basic design and rule set complete.  We are building assets in 3d for Wrath of Cthulhu and an accompanying card game that will be released simultaneously.  We partnered with a card game design team, since they are friends, but more importantly crazy Lovecraft fans.

    A patent has been filed for our new game-play and now our some of what we will be bringing in Wrath of Cthulhu is patent pending.


    We are building the prototype cabinet right now, which is no small project in itself.  We will bring it to a show, when done to show off some of our novel features, but whitewood will be a bit longer.


    An example of an object that will be on the cabinet is the Cthulhu head sculpt pictured here to the left.  There is a timelapse of the head being 3D printed, and also another image circled to show where it is in the game.  Note this 3D printed part is created to make a mold which then we take to a foundry to pour in the metal for us.  We will show the finish part when it's made.  For now, we are constantly updating it since it will have electronic parts in it too.


    We are writing original music for the game, which will be reminiscent to other strong horror soundtracks and will have some whimsy and crazy rock from a friend of mine.  I know people want games to come out faster and faster, and we do too.  We are, however 100% self funding this endeavor. The time of pre-sales are over, and we will only collect money when our BOM is complete and are arranging construction of the run through a 3rd party.




    Update Nov 2014: We will be at Arcade Expo in Jan 2015 showing off a bit more artwork and our development center.  We hope to see you there!



  • VIKI  |  Travel Back In Time to Play Your Favorite Video Games

    Project Viki is a Time Machine that plays video games and more. The concept is: if you want to play the old games, you need a time machine to take you to that era to play. She is inspired by George Pal's 1960 classic "The Time Machine" which we consider to be the the definitive time travel platform. Viki honors that design and takes it further to include museum quality construction, full custom electronics, and more.


    Sept 2015: UI is now finished in programming.


    Lighting Design in progress, sample lighting  concept below.


    Our VIKI videos take you on a virtual adventure so peruse the different aspects of the making of VIKI.

    Inspired by the HG Wells classic, The Time machine, VIKI offers a new world way to go back and play your favorite arcade games.
  • GOTHIC GLOW  |  Steampunk Lighting and Art

    Stempunk inspired lamps for a warm, natural light for your desk or other workspace.

    After The Rebel Unit president Barry Berman made one of these for his desk, he had to make a limited run for others who wanted them too. Because of the continued desire to keep the level of quality he put into the very first piece, quantities are limited but there are usually enough on hand to satisfy every request.


  • OTHER ART  |  Bringing Form & Function to Life

    CAD cut from steel.  Bad girls with guns.
    A beer keg inspired by the Droid everyone loves, R2D2.  This is the Droid you are looking for.
    A modern, more artistic take on the classic childhood game.  Gather your friends to help summon the spirits for your next seance.
    Summon the forces of Cenobites, Including the Leader, Pinhead

    We love to explore new concepts and ideas then turn them into reality.


    Top left:  Hellraiser Cubes - solid brass versions of the Lemarchand's Puzzle can be decorative or take your chance in Hell.


    Top right: Serving up some beer, Star Wars style - R2 dispenses your favorite keg of brew.


    Bottom left: Talking Spirit Ouija Board - A beautiful combination of funerary wood and etched brass will call the spirits home.


    Bottom right: Femme Fatales - Bad girls with guns...somewhat villainous but are true  heroines.

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We are open every third Saturday from 7 pm to 10 pm Pacific Standard Time for the monthly art walk.

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